Remote Working – What is Remote Working? Why is it Important Nowadays?

Since the advent of the Internet, a few decades ago, we could observe the gradual change that has been occurring in all spheres of our activities.  It includes modes of work, study, play, communication, retailing, and gathering information.  In the case of work, the internet and the networked world facilitated remote working to a great extent.  Remote working has generally been done by Independent workers, Freelancers, Outsourcing Companies, employees of the company work from home or from offshore.   In remote working arrangements, there is no need to commute or travel to the client’s office building, or to a central workplace.

The recent Covid-19 pandemic compelled many companies to adapt to the remote working environment out of need.  The events of Covid 19 converted the majority of the workforce to work from home at least for a short span of time.  Many companies explored the mode of remote working by keeping a tab on the required productivity.  It appears that for many tech-enabled companies, remote work did not become a challenge due to the adaption of technology.  The free tools like Google Docs had changed the game of easy collaboration much before.   Their communication tools like Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, and Slack made communication easy again.  Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  There are so many tools available for remote workers these days.  Smart Admin is a wonderful tool in this sphere where there is an opportunity for project management, workforce/employee management, which help managers to track project activities along with the option to combine timesheet and payroll around its data points.

There are chances that remote working may continue even after the crisis according to indications from top MNCs in India. Among the MNCs, IBM in India had implemented continuous work from home years back. A few of them already extended work from home till mid of next year.  As such, for many tech companies, it is not a new concept but a thing to explore for traditional companies.  Covid – 19 compelled even traditional companies, the banking sector, and many more from other industries to experiment with work from home.

With accelerated work from home in recent times, teamwork today does not require all members to be physically together now.  With modern technology, members of a team might be thousands of miles apart but are able to function as one harmonious, synchronized unit.  These employees’ work from offsite does not preclude them from being available when the team needs them.  It is possible to allow for flexibility while also establishing clear virtual office hours for remote employees and doing so will establish trust and keep consistency in r work and reporting.  It appears that companies are opting not to spend for a physical office and give preference to continue working remotely with their current exposure to remote working.

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