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As enterprises adopt more digital mode of working, one can find explosion of software tools to manage the business processes.  The digitization of business operations results in higher customer experience.  Its relevance increased of late and gained much prominence in all types of industries due to frequent work disruption during the pandemic.  With plethora of tools, it is difficult for business owners to select the right software to manage business processes.

Service Sector in the economy is linked with activities related to training, consulting, maintenance, repairs, and more.  Customer relations are primary in this sector since the ‘word of the mouth’ plays an important role.  The sector can further increase its profitability by managing employees’ contribution.  As we know, any saving will create enterprise surplus, and such saving can be deployed for more customer service activities.  All expenses under hiring, training, retaining, and managing employees can be considered as employee cost.  At this point if one goes for reducing compensation it will have counter effect.  Rather, the aim should be to monitor the output per wage unit and improve the metric.  Hence, automation is very important for the Service Sector.

Now, the challenge is calculating output and comparing the same with wage unit.  The solution is linking contribution of participants with each invoice and measuring the output. It will end up in linking Clients, Timesheet and Tracking Employee Hours.

With the digital mode of working, other than the actual deliverables, the system will generate set of data points which is very important in optimizing the business processes.  The data so generated needs to be tweaked right from output and can be further analyzed for better outcome.  Hence the generation of data, and usage of such data are important in the digital mode of working.  Thus, there is a need to have control over the data generated and need to re-use data.

Smart Admin has all the features to capture relevant data about employees, maintain the client information and generate reports as needed.  Smart Admin has been set up with focus on the optimum capturing of data.  With wider re-use of data, Smart Admin ensures data accuracy and consistency.  All the data points which are collected while adding employees, clients, Vendors, and generating invoice / purchase order are properly re-used in Smart Admin to improve enterprise efficiency.  The data points can be used to optimize employee performance, measure contribution, and link the same with revenue generated.

SMART ADMIN is a cloud-based software for Office Automation.  Smart Admin Tools are designed for Payroll management, Timesheet, and Project Tracking – visit SMART ADMIN for FREE Trial and Registration.

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