The GST invoice software, Payroll and leave management software, timesheet management and timesheet invoice software compiled in SmartAdmin help to manage business process management in easy and efficient manner. These tools are user friendly, and can be accessed using mobile app as well. The distinct feature is that it is customizable, and is designed to address the needs of enterprise of any size as well as from multiple geographic locations, currencies and cultures.

The user can configure SMART ADMIN based on their specific needs. The following options are available:

  • Invoicing software– with or without Tax
  • Payroll and Billing software – Payroll calculation/ Pay slip
  • Leave Management
  • Tax Management
  • Project management
  • Timesheet Management

We take security and privacy of data seriously, and have highest grade security measures in place. All sensitive data including personally identifiable information are encrypted with private keys. In the event of network breach, the chances of leaving sensitive information are remote since most of the personally identifiable data are encrypted. The database is stored at the sever locations of DigitalOcean, LLC with its highly secure data centers with state-of-the art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems. We are Partner Company of DigitalOcean. We have set up weekly data backup of database to protect the data and to ensure that you will never lose your data, even in the event of a natural disaster.

This encryption is similar to the process as followed in WhatsApp with utmost care about data security. To make it clear, we are giving screenshot of the encrypted data as stored in our database.

Vendor / Buyers' Data Vendor / Buyers' Data
Vendor/ Buyer Personally Identifiable Data Personal  Data
Bank Details Bank Details

Thus, your confidential data is much safer with Smart Admin, since the access to the data is not possible with encryption. Further, it is more secure than storing data in your own PC or Laptop where there is need for granting access to database/ files multiple employees as part of routine office operations. With our highly segmented option for creating role/authority, the chances of employees accessing data as a whole are remote. Thus, with Smart Admin you can maintain all transactions in confidential manner.

Unless the client specifically grants us permission to access profile, we do not access the data. We will sign specific NDA in case we provide support services after the Trial period. The cloud based server is managed by a global server provider, and access to the server space is limited to two persons and we maintain proper log of such access.

Here is the summary of top benefits if we go for cloud based App for GST Invoice, Timesheet management, and Payroll management etc.

  • Seamless integration with other features when needed
  • No need to lock valuable capital in a system which get outdated at any time
  • Opt in and opt out at any time
  • Need not get bonded with one software

It is a cloud based tool, and installation is almost similar to configuring Gmail or WhatsApp account. It has been designed with utmost user friendly features. Once you register with the application, we will send an email asking for required input. We will remotely configure the application – invoice, tax, salary, and leave after studying your organizational needs, in case you opt for it. Such initial service is FREE. Once the configuration is completed you need to change password and remove our access.

No specific operating system is needed. It needs the browsers as accepted.

No additional IT staff or resources are required. Part of the payment which we collect goes for the maintenance of the software application. We provide a few hours of free support to configure multiple applications available. Thereafter, you can avail our services at a nominal rate, if needed.

We need 15 days’ notice before discontinuing, and we will provide previous six months data in appropriate database. Moreover, we do not encourage using the platform as data storage platform. We provide multiple options for downloading data and it is advisable to keep backup of data in the given report forms as and when it is generated.

One needs to be in Trial version to start with. Immediately, they can migrate to paid version. Once in Paid version for six months you can move to premium version.

Each registration is valid only for one legal entity. Invoice, pay slip and other documents can be generated in the name of same legal entity but can be added with multiple registration numbers.