time and attendance software


Smart Admin has multiple features to implement timesheet in an organization. The log in and log out option records entry and exit of employee accurately.

The inbuilt features of Smart Admin depict the overall picture of the pattern of spending hours of each employee. The multiple data points generated can be channelized to assess performance and implement correction in managing process and people.

Is it good to keep timesheet for employees? The implementation of timesheet management is to be decided by the nature of the job. One among the good indicators for the need to implement timesheet is that if the job function necessitates the availability of office network to employees throughout their job function. If so, it can be implemented with full control features as given in Smart admin. If the employees are micro managed and there are enough supervisors to monitor their activities then it is not needed. The time sheet as designed in Smart Admin helps those employees who are given tasks based on objectives.

Once we implement timesheet, it saves lot of time in doing duplicate activities in preparing salary, sending invoice and more. Timesheet helps recording hours spent working on different tasks. It helps employees recording the exact time when they start work and end up with the hours logged out. With timesheet, the total time worked on each task and project is assessed. It helps to keep track of what everyone is up to, and where people are spending their time. Timesheets provides solution to problems that can affect growing companies and can help to minimize waste and improve employee performance. The data points of timesheet can be used for generating payroll as well as invoice using the GST Compliant Invoice software.

The benefits of the timesheet entry can be summarized as follows;

  • Attendance Recording
  • Billing Clients
  • Estimation
  • Leave Recording
  • Preparing Payroll
  • Progress of projects/programs