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The sophisticated, well knitted Payroll Management Software in Smart Admin facilitates the generation of payroll an effortless act. Payroll software of Smart Admin has been designed to provide highly customizable, error free payroll system. The Payroll and Leave Management Software provides full info about how employees are being paid and their leave details. The payroll software of Smart Admin captures and analyzes multiple data points of each pay transaction. The deductions on account of income tax, statutory contribution, employment taxes, days/hours worked, and personal info of each employee are associated with payroll data.

Smart Admin helps to store payroll data and keeps the integrity of the data. Payroll is equally important as maintaining other records of an organization. If we keep pay records in good mode it helps to avoid complications as the organization grows.

Need for using Payroll Tracking Software

The pay structure definition in Smart Admin is highly customizable. The naming of each component of pay slip can be customized. Before running payroll, the name of each component of pay structure needs to be defined. All deductions need to be defined in advance while setting up salary structure to ensure proper payroll tracking. The payroll and billing software of Smart Admin draws info from salary structure and attendance data, and it generates payroll and pay slip as we all helps to generate billing. Once Tax deduction, loan deduction and other periodical deductions are defined along with income component then running of Payroll occurs with click of a button.

To make the payroll free from errors, Smart Admin’s payroll and tax management software generates payroll from the data aggregated from multiple sources in an enterprise. The ideal source to generate data points for payroll is the time sheet entry. Smart Admin accumulates such data to generate payroll. In the absence of timesheet, the data accumulated from swiping reader can be uploaded in csv format. If we still follow the attendance register then the data to compiled in a spreadsheet and need to update to build up base data for generating payroll. While processing payroll, the admin section has to browse through the attendance and leave management records to avoid errors crept in, if any. Those who are looking for best cloud based payroll software, Smart Admin’s payroll software could be your solution. It is one of the top payroll software in India available at an affordable price.