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Option to set up Invoice with multiple features! Get the flexibility to generate invoice in multiple scenario NOW! Send GST compliant Invoices with print or email option and GST data for filing.

Freedom to define salary structure based on your organizational policy – add deductions and allowances as needed. Name salary component according to your naming convention! Generate payroll by integrating leave and working hours.

Link Time sheet with Payroll and ensue no loss of pay of reported days. Review project progress against Time sheet. Opt for full hours tracking by allowing team members to enter work time against each task of a day.

Set up multiple leave structures based on Leave rules. Apply for Leave against allocated leave days. Now, complete payroll with proper recording of leave, and log in hours. Thus, reduces multiple repeated tasks and save!

  0 / Per Year
  • with co-branding
  • Number of Users 2 Users
  • (Rs.29/- per month for additional user + GST)
  • Single GSTIN
  • 250 MB Free space
  • Invoice with Multiple search options
  • Database of Vendors /
  • Sales/Purchase/Cash Register
  • Trial Balance and Account Summary
  • Product Listing with HSN code
  • Product Multiple Search Options
  • Credit/Debit Note, Estimate/ Purchase Order, Receipt
  • GST Reports – Monthly/Quarterly/Annual
  • Inventory Management/Stock Report
  • Customizable Reports - pdf and csv
  • Unlimited GST Compliant Customizable Invoice
  • Configuration support 1 hour Total
  • Mobile version NA
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INVOICE (Promotional)
999 / +GST Per Year
  • with co-branding
  • Number of Users 6 Users
  • (Rs.19/- per month for additional user + GST)
  • Multiple GSTIN
  • 1 GB Free space
  • Invoices with Multiple Search Options
  • Database of Vendors/Buyers/Users
  • Sales/Purchase/Cash Register
  • Trial Balance and Account Summary
  • Product Multiple Search
  • Product Listing with HSN code
  • Credit/Debit Note, Estimate/Purchase Order, Receipt
  • GST Reports – Monthly/Quarterly/Annual
  • Inventory Management/Stock Report
  • Customizable Reports - pdf and csv
  • Unlimited GST Compliant Customizable Invoice
  • Configuration support  1 hour Total
  • Mobile version PWA
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LEAVE & PAYROLL (Promotional)
  999 / +GST Per Year
  • with co-branding
  • Number of Users 6 Users
  • (Rs.19/- per month for additional user + GST)
  • Customizable Salary Package
  • 1 GB Free space
  • Payroll, Pay slip
  • Leave Tracking
  • Leave & Holiday Management
  • Multiple Leave Set up
  • Multiple Pay Package
  • Login and Logout Data
  • IP tracking
  • Working Hours and Shift Timing
  • Monthly Attendance Summary
  • Statutory Reports
  • Employee Reimbursement
  • Timesheet Management - 6 Users
  • Customizable Reports - pdf and csv
  • Configuration support 1 Hour Total
  • Mobile version PWA
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1,999 /+GST Monthly
  • No co-branding
  • Number of Users 25 Users
  • (Rs.29/- per month for additional user + GST)
  • Multiple GSTIN
  • 10 GB Free space
  • GST Compliant Customizable Invoices and GST Reports
  • Database of Vendors/Buyers/Users
  • Trial Balance and Account Summary
  • Sales/Purchase/Cash Register
  • Credit/Debit Note, Estimate/Purchase Order, Receipt
  • Inventory Management /
    Stock Report
  • Payroll, Pay slips & Employee Reimbursement
  • Leave & Holiday Management
  • Payrolls and Time sheet 25 Users
  • Statutory Reports
  • Customizable Reports - pdf and csv
  • Configuration support 4 Hours Total
  • Mobile version Yes
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The invoicing tool is right fit for service providers, schools/educational training centers, professional consultants, and retail and wholesale traders.

There are two options for invoicing. Time sheet can be converted to invoice based on agreed amount. For regular invoicing, input the product/service details along with the quantity/number and rate per unit. The currency, tax, discounts, shipping charges etc. can be defined while configuring invoice. The invoicing tool reduces multiple manual data input, and thus makes the process faster.

The invoicing tool supports GST with option to add additional taxes. One can insert logo, add or remove address block according to needs. There is an option to generate plain invoice for print purpose as well as designed one for sending through email/pdf.

The reporting option is customizable and can configure report based on the need by selecting appropriate data points. Multiple users to access invoice generation and same will be tracked in the system. The invoice can be generated using the mobile phone since it is a Cloud based tool allowing to access on the go.

Timesheet and Payroll

Time sheet and payroll features are unique with its easy to use interface to effectively manage time and attendance data. Once the project tracker is activated, the full potential of time sheet can be utilized. With multiple data points, the full picture of organizational activities can be charted out. Further, the analysis of the data gives much insight about the effectiveness of the organization workflow and need for further fine tuning.

Leave tool helps to define leave package, holidays, working hours based on the types and levels of employees. The tool will take care of carry forward rules, loss of pay and other deductions. Once leave package is defined, the leave approval role receives leave requests. The payroll tool gives option to define multiple pay structures with its associated deductions and allowances as per the practice. Payroll generation is more of pressing a button once the time sheet entry is done and leave days are accounted.

Project and Timesheet

Once decides to add project management tool, it captures multiple data points related to project cost, hours spent, and target achieved. The option to manage project will cost Rs.149/- per project with validity up to for six months from the date of activating the project. The project tracker with its option to enter hours against each task brings more control to project management. The project can be divided into multiple tasks with or without billable options. Further the project hours can be linked with invoice and can generate invoice fully or partial in relation with the completed tasks. The time sheet with option to capture log in and log out provides full control over activities.

That's not all !

Discover more Features

Customizable Invoice
Invoice, credit/debit note, estimate/purchase order are customizable based on tax rate, place of supply, insurance, shipping charges, units, discount, and more. It calculates payable taxes as linked with invoice/purchase order. The invoice can be printed or can be sent through email. There are options to cancel invoice or to send credit/debit note with associated tax rates.
GST Invoices/Reports
The tax component of invoice can be updated based on location, and tax changes. The items are added with HSN code, description, unit of measure, price, tax rate, and more. This online data management results in generating GST returns - GSTR3B, GSTR-1, GSTR-4, GSTR 9, Monthly / Quarterly / Annual Returns by click of a button.
Inventory Management
The reports under inventory help to track purchase, to identify Re-order level as well as to find Stock Report / Return Report. The stock data gets updated based on invoice/debit/credit notes. The products / services are listed with stock keeping unit (SKU), and it facilitates search items by short code or by description.
Customer/Vendor Management
The system captures the relevant data of vendors/suppliers, buyers/clients, and users. These data points are further linked with invoice, payment, and payroll. The above data can be listed out with multiple search criteria. All data points are used to generate invoice, purchase order, and receipt along with periodical summary reports.
Sales/Purchase Registers
The data generated in invoicing, and receipts help in generating Sales / Purchase / Cash / Bank Ledger. These reports can be printed or exported in pdf or csv formats. The migration of data from one accounting & billing software can be done with the help of such reports / data points.
Team Management
Team management includes assessing the availability of team members; communicate with team, and monitoring. The performance of each employee can be measured against the target set against individual, and their contribution. The accurate entry of time sheet data helps to map the performance of employee against contribution.
Payroll and Pay slip
Tools associated with timesheet help to capture activities associated with each task. Once the project tracker is activated, the timesheet brings more data points across the table. The time sheet helps to prepare Payroll by click of a button. With data in Payroll, the Pay slip is ready to be served.
Leave Management
Leave management tool provides option to set up annual holidays, monthly/quarterly leave, and online ‘Leave Applying’. It results in accurate recording of leave and log in hours. This is done by setting up leave structures based on Leave rules. The user can apply for Leave against allocated leave days.
Mobile Application
The users can stay connected as and when needed by using their mobile applications and in control of their projects at any time. The mobile apps are configured for log in, log out and timesheet entries, leave application and for invoice generation.


SmartAdmin consists of multiple tools to manage office operations in a simple, easy and efficient manner. These tools are user friendly, and can be accessed from anywhere. The distinct feature is that it is customizable, and is designed to address the needs of enterprise from any geographic locations, currencies and cultures.

The user can configure SMART ADMIN based on their specific needs. The following tools are available

  • Project management
  • Time sheet
  • Invoicing
  • Payroll
  • Leave Management
  • Tax Management

We take security and privacy of data seriously, and have highest grade security measures in place. All sensitive data including personally identifiable information are encrypted with private keys. In the event of network breach, the chances of leaving sensitive information are remote since most of the personally identifiable data are encrypted. The database is stored at the sever locations of DigitalOcean, LLC with its highly secure data centers with state-of-the art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems. We do periodical data back up to protect data to ensure that you will never lose your data, even in the event of a natural disaster.

Unless you specifically grant us permission to access specific profile, we do not access to data. We will sign specific NDA in case we provide support services after the Trial period. The cloud based server is managed by a global server provider, and we do not have access to the server space.

Here is the summary of top benefits if we go for cloud based App

  • Seamless integration with other features when needed
  • No need to lock capital in a system which get outdated at any time
  • Opt in and opt out at any time
  • Need not get bonded with one software

It is a cloud based tool, and installation is almost similar to configuring a Gmail account. It has been designed with utmost user friendly features. Once you register with the application, we will send an email asking for required input. We will remotely configure the application – invoice, tax, salary, leave after studying your organizational needs. Once the configuration is completed you need to change password and remove our access.

No specific operating system is need. It needs the browsers as accepted

No additional IT staff or resources are required. Part of the payment which we collect goes for the maintenance of the solution. We provide 10 hours of free support in the first two months to configure the tool and get it running except for promotional offers. Thereafter, you can avail our services at a nominal rate, if needed.

We need 15 days’ notice before discontinuing, and we will provide previous six months data in appropriate database. Moreover, we do not encourage using the platform as data storage platform.. We advise to download data end of every month and keep in your system (we are working on a module to store and display such data off line). We provide multiple options for downloading data.

One needs to be in Trial version to start with. Immediately, they can migrate to paid version. Once in Paid version for six months you can move to premium version.

Each registration is valid only for one legal entity. Invoice, pay slip and other documents can be generated in the name of same legal entity but can be added with multiple registration numbers.