Proof of Attendance – IP Tracking, Log in tracking, Hours Approval – New Mode of Attendance Tracking from Smart Admin

There are numerous software tools that are offered in the domain of attendance tracking.  While one piece of software handles project tracking, another one can only track employee attendance.  While tracking attendance, it is equally important to respect the privacy of employees as well.

Now, with the new mode of work like remote working, and working from home, we cannot depend on fingerprint scanning, face identification, and more.  The employer needs proof of attendance or work done in a day to effectively manage the business.  If we respect the privacy of employees and consider them as part of the business then we need to stop tracking keystrokes, desktops, and such unprofessional tracking modes.

An attendance tracking system without task tracking only provides information about the hours logged in.  But with the combined task tracking and attendance tracking, we can measure the total hour’s employees spend while completing each task.  Here is a smarter way to manage a company’s attendance data.  With the advancement of technology, we can implement intelligent systems that can store all your attendance details without errors.

Smart Admin Attendance Tracking feature provides the exact time and attendance data.  Its configurations differ from those of the time attendance module, and it provides real-time reports and error-free attendance records.  It can track each time logged with the IP details and location.  It can record the hours worked and can track employees’ schedules for a day to give them correct guidance. The supervisor can review the work product of a day and can approve or modify hours. Smart Admin time tracking software provides a complete view of each employee’s hours worked over the week/month, daily working hours, and punctuality.  With these data points, Smart Admin is useful to generate payroll and invoices as well. The reports as generated will provide accurate records of absenteeism, overtime, clock-ins, tasks completed, and hours worked.

Thus, if your business is facing the following issues, you probably need to switch to Smart Admin to deal with any or more of the following issues

  • You notice many errors in your attendance records.
  • Leave requests to need to be approved manually and take a lot of time.
  • Employees can easily change their records.
  • You have no idea how much an employee works in a day.
  • You should call your employees and ask why they are out of the office on weekdays.
  • You have a productivity drop.

The above issues are real issues that many manual businesses face.  Fortunately, all these problems can be resolved by integrating effective attendance management software with a time tracker and task tracker.

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