How to Create Payslip Online – Overview of Generating Payslip Online

There is a tremendous growth technology application in business process management of late.  The effects of pandemic have increased the usage of technology for handling invoices, salaries, payslip and projects management.  Further, Technology is constantly evolving, and it has an influence on every aspect of businesses operations, including employee payment and work progress.  There are many tools to generate salary slips online well as for online salary slips download.

As an employee, you have the right to know what is on your payslip and how to use it.  Businesses are shifting away from paper payslips to online payslips, and further moving to intelligent tools to capture each and every aspect of work to generate meaningful payslips. Online Salary Slip Generator helps in cost savings, increased efficiency, security, and further, it will lower environmental impact.


Generally, the payslip will have two components – Income and Deductions.  The components involved in creating a payslip online are outlined as follows.


Here is an outline about the components falling under Income

  • Basic Salary

According to the draft labor law in India, the basic pay of the employees will be 50% or more of the total salary. The implementation of the labor law will also affect the salary structure of most employees as the non-perks part of the salary will come below 50 percent of the total. As a result, it is the most significant component of the salary slip and serves as the foundation for determining other deductions

  • Allowances

There is a practice of adding allowance in tune with the change inf cost of living.  A few companies will consider it as adding a portion of their total turnover as such allowance.  It is given to compensate for the effects of inflation on your wages and also pass on a portion of the increased revenue of the company to employees on a periodical basis.

  • House Rent Allowance (HRA)

HRA can range from 40% to 50% of the base salary.  It is listed as an allowance on the payslip to help employees with paying their rent.  Furthermore, it is only allowable as a tax deduction if you live in a rented house.

  • Performance Allowance

In the truest sense, it is an incentive to work harder.  This component is entirely taxable and is intended to motivate employees to perform better at work.  Each company will have its own unique formula to determine the contribution of employees

  • Special Allowance

These allowances are lined with the working condition and needs of the job.  It can be internet allowance, phone allowance, uniform allowance, lunch allowance, local travel allowance, and more.  The taxation depends on the prevailing law of each region.

  • Miscellaneous Allowances

These include any additional allowances provided by your employer.  Medical allowances, overtime allowance, and leave allowances are examples of such benefits.  These may also appear on your payslip as ‘other allowances.


A deduction is an expense as an employee, incurred due to employment.  These costs are deducted or subtracted from gross income.  This is done to determine the tax liability as well.  Always double-check that these deductions are in the correct order on your payslip.

  1. Employee Provident Fund (EPF)

EPF is made up of a minimum of 12% of the basic salary on the payslip.  It is a mandatory tax deduction on the payslip for those establishments falling within the purview of EPF

  1. Professional Tax (PT)

PT is a significant component of payslips and is deducted from all individuals with an income.  It’s worth noting that it’s only levied in a few Indian states.  Check the tax laws in your place of employment.  Furthermore, professional tax is calculated based on the individual’s tax slab.

  1. Tax Deductible at Source (TDS)

This is the tax deducted by your employer (source).  Furthermore, it is deducted on behalf of the tax department.  TDS is a significant deduction from the gross salary that can be reduced by investing in tax-saving schemes.

Payslips contain salary information as well as income and deduction details, which he can use to plan his taxes and make declarations. Also, many financial institutions rely on the pattern of pay and payslips while taking the lending decision to a borrower Smartadmin is a one-stop solution for managing employee data and automating the payroll process for small and medium-sized businesses.  The feature-  salary slip generator of Smart Admin can be used for Payroll management purposes.

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