How to Select Software for Performance Management – Software to Assess Performance based on Data Points

It is good to monitor activities in an organization which ensure that goals are consistently being met.  There are multiple tools to measure such output.  It can be termed as appraisal, talent management or Performance management.  Thus, the term Performance management consists of performance of an organization, division, and employee or overall performance of all the three.

The term, performance is widely used in workplace.  In democracy, Governments are elected based on their past performance or performance during the campaign. Armstrong and Baron (1998) outlined it as a “strategic and integrated approach to extend the effectiveness of companies by raising the performance of the people who work in them and by developing the capabilities of teams and individual contributors.”

A performance management system is commonly utilized by the managers so as to align the goals of the corporate to the goals of their workers, thereby ensuring productivity. There are multiple benefits of implementing a performance management system in an organization.

  • Helps to assess results, rather than behaviors and activities
  • Aligns organizational activities and processes to the goals of the organization
  • It cultivates a system-wide, continuing view of the organization
  • Produces significant measurements
  • Cultivates a change in perspective from activities to results
  • Provokes focus on the needs of clients, whether internal or external
  • Produces specificity in commitments and resources
  • Provides specificity for comparison, direction and planning

Performance management is one of the most debated practices that organizations undergo on a regular basis. While there is not much debate on the value of performance management, the effectiveness of the process and how organizations can use it for building a high performance workforce are of paramount concern.

There are multiple software available to assess the performance of employees.  The options as provided in Smart Admin reviews performance of an employee based on their contribution.  Further, it provides a mechanism to collect feedback from stakeholders.  Overall, it provides a true picture of each employee without any bias.  Smart Admin is a cloud based application and available for multiple geographies and culture

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