Facial Recognition in Attendance in the light of COVID-19 – Updated Biometric Attendance System of Smart Admin

COVID -19 posed multiple challenges in the workplace, including the mode of social interaction, meetings, and maintenance of records.  The COVID spreads through surface contact as is generally believed, and contacts and touch of materials will result in the rapid expansion of infection. In order to remain safe,  companies are considering changes in the workplace and their processes.  Many companies that adopted biometric recording like a fingerprint, scanning moved out of the same as a matter of better precaution for timesheet management. Facial recognition is one such option that needs to be considered by companies.

The facial recognition application helps to come out of the touch process while recording attendance.  COVID -19 has brought out new norms of touchless processes in multiple sectors.  The touchless screening at checkpoints, baggage drops, and gate check-inside being adapted at transit points of late.  This will most likely become the norm as the world as we progress with or without COVID.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the untouchable essence of facial recognition as a certification for entry was gaining popularity with physical and cybersecurity professionals.  The use of a face as a credential for access control removes the need for physical cards or PIN codes.  Facial recognition readers meet the emerging need to limit physical exposure to germs by providing highly accurate, touchless access control.

Thus, Facial recognition technology is racing high on a new wave of popularity.  The contactless modality has long been a major focus of government operations but has been stigmatized by the unfamiliarity of users, lack of market standardization, and deployments of high-profile surveillance.  However, there has been a paradigm shift, largely due to the consumer boom in the face of biometrics fueled by the likes of Apple and its much-appreciated Face ID authentication.  People are more comfortable than ever with facial recognition and remain the preferred biometric benchmark.

As a workforce management tool, facial recognition helps maintain the health of employees in the workplace, while assuring management on documenting employee time and attendance. The mobile app of Smart Admin provides an option for the Supervisor to record the attendance of employees with the help of the Facial Recognition menu.  Once the employee presence has been recorded with facial recognition, the tools as provided at Smart Admin bring out a detailed history of the overall movement of the workforce.

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