Challenges in Remote Working – Quick Guide to Managers to Manage Work from Home and Remote Working

The pandemic has modified the business models in many organizations across the world.  As part of business continuity, many organizations modified their work culture to continue with their operations.  However such remote working posed unique challenges for managers, who are unexpectedly called upon to lead under unusual circumstances.  This compelled management to modify their approach to employees to ensure that their employees feel integrated and protected throughout.  They accepted best practices as successfully implemented elsewhere to transform ‘remote working into connected’ work.  Here, we are compiling a few tips and tools to help managers take control of the company and the employees – wherever they operate.

.Implement Remote Work Tools

It is for the management to provide employees with the right tool to operate together effectively in remote working or ‘work from home’ mode.  Today’s technology has made it easier to create a cohesive team globally. There are multiple free and paid tools that are available to help collaboration to ensure that everyone on the same page.  In addition to the above, it is good to ensure that all are keeping a fast and reliable internet connection, and employees can be connected using a video call or instant message at any time.  The network connectivity needs to be enabled through Virtual Private Networks (VPN) as well for remote access.   Google gives most of such tools free including google chat and googles meet for such communication.  In addition to the above, good project management and attendance tools gives better control over work in progress   The tools as provided through Smart Admin is a good solution to most of the organization for remote project management.

Collaborating on Projects

Collaboration has always become a necessary part of a company, as well as a further problem with remote teams.  Lack of coordination leads to a lack of project management and badly organized projects from start to end.  When looking for remote work management, managers find it hard to keep all team members on the same page.  Talk about communication preferences (email, text, video), set a regular one-to-one frequency, and make sure people know how/when to escalate.  Don’t fail to check in periodically with your manager.  Remote work can be comfort – even a quick ‘hello’ will go a long way.

Communicate and Progress Update

Organizations need to implement tools to help people stay connected by sharing updates regularly.  When teams are scattered, it’s impossible to know who was exposed to project information and updates.

It is good, to begin with, a context in meetings and written materials, meaning that everyone is mindful of the goals, deliverables, and progress before getting into specifics.  Offer quick solutions and tools to address problems, so that staff members are updated with guidance as and when needed.

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