Why Communication with Team Members Important in Successful Project Management? A few Communication Tips in Project Managment

It is generally believed that communication separates a poor leader from an exceptional one.  Effective Communication within a team eliminates confusion, and fosters healthy & happy workplace.  It is the key to good leadership and allows one to get work done more quickly and efficiently.

A team leader should possess compassion and integrity to effectively enforce variety of traits, and characteristics that encourage team members to follow.  When team members communicate with open minds, and by asking questions rather than making assumptions, they build trust and harmony in the working environment.  These elements work together to create a business culture of success.  Here are a few tips for leaders to communicate effectively.

  • Leaders Listen – In order to communicate directives which will drive results, leaders truly listen to what their team members are saying
  • Leaders organize their thoughts – The easiest way to lose one’s attention is to present a disorganized argument. A leader should spend a few minutes organizing what he wants to deliver to make sure the message is clear
  • Leaders understand their limitations – Understanding ones limitations can benefit a leader to use his strengths when choosing communication method. Leaders need not afraid to partner with people who can make them better at communicating on any platform
  • Leaders involve the right people – It is a good trait for good leaders to make a point of bringing in the right people for all efforts. For example, involving stakeholders from the start means reducing duplicate communications, and cutting down wasteful efforts
  • Leaders convey a narrative – Conveying a narrative is one aspect that sets leaders apart from managers. By contextualizing employees work, the leader’s direction, and the evolving progression of the company, an effective communication can be created that will inspire employees to do their best
  • Leaders use all communication platforms – In this era of remote working, off-site teams, cross-continental groups, and flex time, leaders use all available communication platforms to keep in touch with their human resources. Informal discussions, Twitter streams, Facebook groups, company email, are just among the myriad of possible contact methods a leader can use
  • Leaders communicate appropriately – At its best, appropriate communication is inclusive, informative, and motivational
  • Leaders use communication for more than information – While mass communication to convey data, direction, and goals is always important, leaders understand communication without connection is dead. A leader also uses communication to convey thanks for work well done and recognize employees who have demonstrated extraordinary efforts

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