COVID-19 has recently introduced new threats to the workplace. Many large companies began to disperse, and the workers ended up dispersing geographically around a country. No matter where the workers are based, emerging technology would keep the workforce connected.

The continuous remote working and frequent lockdown appear to bring nightmares to management over a period of time.  It would bring its own challenges over a period of time while managing the distributed workforce. Fortunately, it is not going to be as complex as it seems.  What organizations need is their willingness to adapt to new methodologies and change their work culture.  With the help of new technologies, companies can enable employees to access all of the company’s resources and applications.  If you are able to adapt the best practices, the remote employees can be just as productive as anybody else. The employee management system as designed by Smart Admin offers a 360-degree overview of employee’s performance even when they work remotely.

Video conferencing software makes it easier for employees to bring their peers face-to-face, even though they never sit together in the same place.  Powerful internal messaging and email systems can help the employees to catch up with each other while they complete their work throughout the day.   Now, there are questions about buying out technology or going for cloud-based applications to deal with the situation.  Nobody knows about the length of the current uncertainties, it is ideal to go for a quick fix if it is cost-effective. There are chances that uncertainties may end up suddenly.

Collaboration is the ability of a group’s willingness to work together and exchange their ideas.  It is essential to make sure that the distributed workforce works together as much as possible.  It is important to utilize software tools that enable employees to communicate quickly and collaborate in a project’s progress.  Proper guidance and continuous feedback are the keys to holding the remote employees responsible.  Tracking software is a wonderful way to make sure everybody is doing everything they should, but the team may have to go a step forward in order to be truly effective.  The collaborative software will ensure that everybody is in close communication, in addition to the dedicated email, video conferencing, and instant messaging.  With Smart Admin’s team management tool project managers can communicate effectively with team members and monitor the project progress.

It is for Employers to select and subscribe to the right software to manage the workforce.  Timesheet management software along with the project tracking tool in Smart Admin increases accuracy and improves productivity from the distributed workforce.  The additional feature of Smart Admin like Payroll and Timesheet really come in handy while exploring tools for managing a distributed workforce.

One can subscribe to any or all features of Smart Admin.  SMART ADMIN is a cloud-based software for generating GST Compliant Invoice, Payroll management, Timesheet, and Project Tracking – visit SMART ADMIN for FREE Trial and Registration.

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