Work from Home – How the Project Management Tool of Smart Admin Helps in Challenges in Work from Home?

Work from home has been in the tech industry for a long time and of late it spreads into all industries.  Now, it has spread like continuous work from home and not occasional or weekly work from home.  The recent event in the country associated with COVID – 19 has forced industries of all types to go for work from home.  The tech companies with an existing set of tech tools did not find many issues as it was a practice for them for years together.  For other traditional industries, it was a big challenge in their lifetime.  It forced many companies to embrace the remote culture but without adequate tools to manage the workforce.  This resulted in a growing trend of adapting software to manage the remote workforce.  As we know every project is different, as well as every remote team.  However, the features of Smart Admin can be used together or separately to manage teams of multiple industries.

It is the duty of the Management to identify the right remote project management tool.  Smart Admin with its features of attendance, login, task, and project management falls handy in this domain.  While working remotely, it became the responsibility of the management to provide the right tools and guidance to team members to perform them optimally.  The fall in productivity will result in a drop in the performance of the company, which ultimately leads to the stability of the employee job.

There is believed that the office has distractions of all kinds, and in work from home such distractions are absent.  They believe that having the flexibility to work whenever they want, makes them adapt to their natural energy cycles and thus be more productive. There are additional distractions in work from home as well.

While the benefits of remote working are as clear as day, managing remote project teams comes with its own set of challenges.  In addition, the work from home will reduce team dynamics and their effect on output. The team spirit can be built up providing centralized software to manage projects which help all employees to understand the happening in their project and company.  In the absence of the same, the employee gets isolated and slowly drifts away from the team or its objectives.  Here are a few top issues attached to Work from Home.

  • Absence of cohesion within the team
  • Failure to understand goals and expectations
  • Feedback Issues
  • Irregular schedule and timeline
  • Lack of communication in project
  • Lesser Guidance in Tasks
  • Missing accountability

With the help of Smart Admin, the above problems can be resolved.  There are specific tools to record the working hours, completion of hours against tasks, and assign tasks to team members.  It helps to streamline and digitize business processes.  The dashboard provides an overall picture of project progress and gives 10x more effective than multiple team meetings to understand the project progress.  The information as need about project, goals, and expectations are clearly exhibited in multiple tools of project tracking.  Smart Admin is a cloud-based tool; it can be accessed from any location.

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