Remote Work and Project Management – How to Make Remote Working More Effective Using Smart Admin?

Remote project management differs from traditional methods of managing projects.  When we try to manage projects from multiple locations, it would be hard to stay on top of tasks and deadlines without implementing proper project management tools.  Video calls and frequent remote meetings are good to get status updates but not provide tools to track the results.  There will be multiple unreasonable excuses at the end of the day for not meeting the completion of the task.  Whereas, once you implement a project management tool, it can sum up the contribution of each team member irrespective of their excuses.  In the absence of such a tool, the tabulation of contribution with accumulated data points would be difficult and this results in poor project management in remote working.

The tools as provided in the project management option of Smart Admin help to keep work moving without the traditional necessities like frequent meetings or daily status calls or morning waking up calls.  There are chances that team members are very active in such calls but not so thereafter.  Smart Admin can be effectively configured for following associated activities in any project management

  • Adding Hours against completion of tasks
  • Collaboration
  • Defining Projects and Tasks
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Project Estimates
  • Status Updates
  • Setting up Clear processes for task
  • Set deadlines in advance
  • Team Management

The tool facilities the team to work most productive but with lesser distractions focusing on the task of a day.  They can work at different times of the day but eventually, the project management tool counts the output of each task.  It provides higher flexibility and freedom to organize tasks and work productively for team members.

It is a fact that there are multiple tools out in the market there only a few really fits into all industries.  Smart Admin has been configured to meet expectations of multiple industries and it is highly customizable.  Once you subscribe to Smart Admin there is little need to combine a set of tools and platforms to manage your remote team project. It gives solutions to all your questions and challenges in remote working.

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