How to Improve Employee Management in Remote working? Smart Admin Tools and Solutions for Remote Working

Workplace disruptions in recent times have defined new norms in the workplace across the globe.  These developments are not restricted to India but spread across the globe.  In summary, the COVID -19 and social distancing compelled remote working which posed new and unexpected challenges to organizations of all sizes.   It brought additional responsibility to ensure Employee Management productivity remains the same as used to be in the workplace.  While asking employees to be “at work,” from home, it is for organizations to provide stellar workplace experience to employees and ensure their continuous engagement in tasks.

Work from home or remote working has been quite prevalent in technology-enabled companies for a long time.  Technology companies have their own Employee Management measurement matrices to monitor employees’ performance.  Mostly such tools used to be complicated and costly as well. Now, the challenge is for small and medium companies and organizations which do not fit for work from home model.

Another question is will it be possible for all industries to adapt ‘work from home’.  Is it possible for the restaurant industry to do remote work?  Can the transport department adapt to social distancing and remote working?   It is a fact that it would be difficult to introduce remote working in all such enterprises but by adopting the strategic decisions, enterprises can reduce the presence of all staff members together.  By accepting the central kitchen and cloud kitchen definitely part of the workforce can be kept away from public interaction in the restaurant industry.  The non-technical and other operational parts can be shifted to work from home for the transport industry.

The remote workforce needs to feel the same sense of empowerment and accomplishment they felt inside the office and they also want to communicate to their line supervisors on a frequent basis.   Here the role of technology is crucial.  We need to provide solutions for small and medium enterprises to manage remote working without a huge investment.

The features as offered in Smart Admin are quite simple and easy to adapt to all sorts of emprises.  It is designed to improve the element of trust between supervisors and the workforce.  End of the day the expectation of management is the completion of allocated tasks within the defined guidelines.  Smart Admin has the option to define the elements of project expectations and the completion of data points.  These data points generate a comprehensive report to the management end of the day.

Thus, the technology as inbuilt in Smart Admin builds agility into the fabric of your organization and empowers the remote workforce to feel as they work in the same office.  Primarily it resolves the challenge while defining expectations and the multiple data points as recorded in Smart Admin give clear communication to line supervisors.

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