Benefits of Timesheet and Time Tracking in Work from Home

The spread of COVID-19 has plunged work and life into terribly uncertain waters, and the country has recently gone into lockdown in an effort to flatten the curve firmly. With more people working from home than ever before during this pandemic, teamwork has entered a whole new dimension. If you are working from home it is essential to stay motivated and focused. Having some form of remote work strategy is now a common form, but that doesn’t mean businesses and remote employees are adequately equipped to handle the challenges of remote work. For the employees who work from home, it is important to be transparent as possible about how they spend their working hours. Time tracking software is one of the most important tools for remote employees. As a remote employee, it is important to track your time if you are interested to optimize your work from home productivity.

With all non-essential services shut down, the country is now officially on work-from-home mode.  Below are some of the benefits of time tracking when working from home:

Stick to your allocated hours

As you work from home, you are at an increased risk of burnout, likely to work longer hours and take fewer breaks than if you were working in the office. This easily becomes risky when the nature of the work lacks simple boundaries. When you’re firefighting a number of different things, managing several projects and programs, or simply have lots of ask on the go, it is easy to forget about how many hours you’ve actually been working. Time tracking is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you don’t work beyond what you’re contracted to work, providing a useful total of your work hours every day.

Keep your work visible

Working remotely on a small team, employees need to keep their work transparent so that they can help each other plan and improve every day. It’s essential that everyone knows who’s doing what. In terms of easily surfacing everything you’re working on and communicating your progress with your team, time tracking is second to none. By accurately recording everything you’re working on, your entire work is accounted for and can easily be shared with your team in public. This makes it easier to keep your employer updated on what you are working on, to ensure that you are performing the right task so that your effort stays visible.

Improve the way you allocate your time

When you track something, if it’s your work schedule, learning time, working hours, etc., you will be more mindful of the reality of the situation. If you know how much time you spend on a specific task can help you better allocate your time over your projects. When using a time tracking tool, you can see how much time is spent on certain tasks, and which areas need more time and energy. The inbuilt feature of Smart Admin’s time tracking software helps you depict the overall pattern of each employee’s hours spent.

You will free up some time

If you work from home, you can be more productive because there will be fewer interruptions than in the office. So if you keep track of your time, you’ll soon realize that you can use the time you’ve freed up to learn new skills, write for yourself, or exercise a little more, for example.

Increase your overall productivity

Time-tracking is perhaps the easiest way to understand your organization and to detect interruptions before they become a major problem for you and your team. Once implemented time tracking will undoubtedly be the difference between a chaotic team and a well-run organization. Smart Admin’s user-friendly timesheet allows employees to record the hours spent working on various projects. It lets employees record the exact time when they start work and end up with the hours logged out.

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