Clock Hours and Decimal Hours – Converting and Adding Decimal Hours in Smart Admin

Clock hour is the time as recorded per clock reading.  Usually, we follow clock hours for tasks like the time spent attending to a particular task or for project management activities.  If the clock hour is recorded as 7 hours and 30 minutes then in the decimal format the same is equal to 7.50 hours.  The 30-minute portion becomes .50 because 30 minutes is equal to 1/2 hour or .50 hours in decimal format.

The Decimal system always represents a duration and not a specific point in time.  The decimal number of hours allows time to be expressed as a fraction of a day, enabling mathematical comparison, data analysis, and calculations with other numerical values.  Decimal hours are frequently used in accounting for payrolls and hourly billing.  It is a common way to calculate the total time worked when you want to generate payroll or determine the total time spent on a project by using a timesheet.  It will help to sort or analyze the hours using a common spreadsheet.  Whereas the clock hours have limitations in addition, to sorting and other data analysis activities.

How to Calculate Decimal Hour from Clock Hour

The formula to calculate clock hour to decimal hour is as follows.

Number of minutes / 60

It converts minutes to decimals.  If we worked for 15 mins then per clock hour it is 15 mins and per decimal hours it is .25 hours.  Here are the examples.

15 minutes   =15/60 = .25 hours

30 minutes = 30/60 = 0.50 hours

Converting a large hour to decimal

To convert a large unit of time into a decimal unit, the conversion factor must be multiplied.  For example, to convert hours to minutes, the number of hours is multiplied by 60, and add the minutes and then divide by 60.

4 hours 30 minutes   =270/60 = 4.5 hours

The 12-hour or 24-hour format is the most used in daily life, as it provides a clear and convenient way to express a specific time.  To perform mathematical calculations with time, it is recommended to use decimal hours, which requires converting units.  There are various online calculators available, such as for converting minutes to decimal time, which can assist with the conversion process.  The key to achieving a successful conversion is using the correct conversion factors and having a thorough understanding of the units being converted.

The timesheet report as provided in Smart Admin displays both clock hours and decimal hours.

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